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Child Protection

In Connecticut, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the child protection agency for the state. Referrals to DCF can come from multiple sources and create a serious disruption in your family’s life. If you have DCF involvement and don’t know where to turn next, reach out to our lawyers to help guide you through the process.


DCF Investigations

A DCF investigation takes place when a report is made to DCF and accepted based on DCF’s assessment that there is risk to your child(ren). We are here to help guide you through this process in hopes of preventing court involvement and ending DCF’s involvement at the investigation stage. 

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Neglect Petitions

When the concerns are significant enough or a family fails to cooperate with DCF, court action may be taken. A neglect petition contains allegations of how DCF intends to prove you have neglected your child(ren) and brings the issues and evidence before the court. Our office has years of litigation experience regarding neglect petitions and can help you navigate the best legal strategy.

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Juvenile Law

At our firm, we specialize in Juvenile Law. We are dedicated to providing legal assistance and guidance to minors and their families. We understand the sensitive nature of Juvenile Law matters and strive to provide our clients with the best possible outcome.


Termination of Parental Rights Petition

Sometimes, even after months or years of working to achieve the goals DCF has laid out for you,  DCF will file a Termination of Parental Rights Petition (TPR). Our experienced partners can assist you in reviewing your case and evidence to build the best defense against the TPR in an attempt to retain your parental rights for your child(ren).


DCF Administrative & Substantiation Hearings

Internal meetings with DCF can be held for several reasons and are run and determined by a hearing officer. Substantiation hearings are those that are meant to remove a finding by DCF of abuse or neglect regardless of registry status. Administrative hearings are held for a variety of reasons. Our attorneys are here to help see your hearing through or initiate the process when appropriate.


Orders of Temporary Custody

When DCF makes the decision to remove your child(ren) from your custody you have a right to a hearing within ten days. From there, you have a right to a trial within another ten days. Our attorneys have experience litigating these fast-paced hearings and are knowledgable when it comes to obtaining the evidence necessary to attempt to help you regain custody of your child(ren).

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