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Why is Levine Litigation so Motivated to Help Your Family?

Our owner, Rachael M. Levine, is motivated to help her clients maintain their family unit. From her personal struggles to her professional successes, she empathizes with the interference your family is experiencing on a deeper level than most allies.

From an early age, Attorney Levine experienced her own involvement with the Department of Children and Families (DCF). At the age of thirteen, she entered the Connecticut foster care system where she remained until shortly before her eighteenth birthday.

Through luck and privilege, Attorney Levine was adopted by a supportive, loving family and provided with the opportunities to embrace her internal fortitude to break the cycle. Without the tools provided to her by the foster care system and her adoptive family, evading stereotypes would have been much more challenging.

As the first youth to take advantage of the college funding allotted to Connecticut’s adopted foster youth through legislation passed by Governor Jodi Rell in 2005, Attorney Levine attended Western Connecticut State University and graduated in 2010. In 2013, she graduated with her Juris Doctorate from Roger William’s University School of Law with the goal of working at the Attorney General’s Office.

After about two years in private practice for small firms, Attorney Levine obtained her dream job of working in the Child Protection Department of the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Connecticut. There, she represented the Department of Children and Families and gained lifetime contacts with numerous collogues and clients. These connections remain invaluable to her.

Attorney Levine remained at the Attorney General’s Office for five years before leaving to be a stay at home mom with her two young babies. Within months, her urge to continue the work she set out to do in Child Protection cases reemerged. Since July 2021, Attorney Levine has been in private practice once again. She opened her firm with the focus of helping families across the state of Connecticut to maintain their rights and prove their integrity when dealing with DCF investigations, petitions, and litigation.

Having lived and worked in several facets of the child protection system, Attorney Levine brings a unique perspective to provide emotional support, legal advice, and strategy in what could be your family’s most difficult battle.

Call Levine Litigation today to schedule your consultation!

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