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Levine Litigation

Why Do I Need An Attorney For A DCF Investigation? 

Practice Areas


Family Law

Whether you’re brand new to family court or returning for yet another modification to your child support or parenting plan, Levine Litigation can help you navigate the relationships in your life that have become transactional. For the ultimate protection of your children and/or your finances, our attorneys will guide you through the process.


Child Protection

In Connecticut, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the child protection agency for the state. Referrals to DCF can come from multiple sources and create a serious disruption in your family’s life. If you have DCF involvement and don’t know where to turn next, reach out to our lawyers to help guide you through the process.



When it simply becomes too much and you see no other way out, Levine Litigation can help you determine the best route to taking away some of the financial burden that is weighing you down. Schedule a consultation today to see if there is a solution.


Providing Guidance and Representation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.



Our attorneys represent parents, children, the intellectually disabled and protected persons in Danbury, Northern Fairfield, Waterbury, and Housatonic Probate Court.

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